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Moscow Idaho, Class of 1964 - Class Reunion
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We Remember MHS Class of 1964

Glancing Back... to our youth...

We were kids! We were kids. We were kids! We were kids! We were kids!

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The Commencement Program

Check out this link!Cap & Gown (Info from the Wocsomonians)

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Farther Back....
    Scouts - BACK: Rick Ross, Pat Mann, Bill Junk, Steve Bell, FRONT: Neil Talford, Bill Bailey and Rob Par    
Kindergarten - Grade School Pictures
Thanks To Cheryl Pitkin Hatch, Bruce Nygaard, Gordon Rydholm, John Wilson, Mary Cossairt Spilva, Frank Burlison and Bonnie Nelson Aplington
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  Seventeen of Life's Lessons  
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The Fun 5 in SeattleFrom: Pat Gaymen Bates - March 23, 2014

There is a sense of fun and adventure bubbling within "The Fun 5". Pat shared this photo of Linda, Bonnie, a crazed bus driver, Mary, Marilyn and herself in Seattle.

Seattle is still there so they didn't do too much damage. =o)

There must be a great story behind this one!


From: Steve Bell - April 2, 2009

It seems that life was simpler then.  I got around very well without a cell phone glued to my ear.  I observe people today walking around with a permanent crink in their neck as they speak into their cell phones.  I have heard cells phone go off a.  during our church service. b.  during funerals.  c. during weddings.  d.  in classrooms. e. the list goes on and on.

And how about the number of car accidents caused  by people texting or talking on the cell phone?  Idaho, unlike Washington and California, is still in the dark ages on that issue.

We have no cell phone manners, or any set of restrictions. Conversations are routinely interrupted by calls.

I enjoy outdoor life, and yes, I have missed some majestic sunsets while glued to a meaningless call, totally missing the moment.

I wonder if a few centuries from now they will find some odd transmitters buried in our ears, the latest addition to the communication field.

I lived on the university heights, the town people called the place "idiot ridge" because so many professors lived there, like the Bells, Junks, the Parishes, the Rosses, the Farleys, the Baileys.

We never locked our doors in Moscow.  And my mom never worried when we played in the U of I arboretum (sp) until after dark.  Today, you would get turned into H and W. -- they would call that neglect. 

I enjoyed sandlot football, I was a quarterback, and we played many games on saturdays.  The amount of equipment that you had on, depended on how well off your parents were.  Some players participated without helmets.  I stuffed a hot pad holder into my helmet for added protection.  Modern players would laugh at the helmet that I played in.

I have fond memories of the Senior Ball and the Junior Prom.  We had a program that we filled out, and we listed the couples that we traded dances with.  Ted Cowen did the photography. We had chaperones, do they have those anymore?

At this stage in my life, I sometimes reflect that the best relationships that I had, occurred right then. Friendships are so important to me now.

Recently, I played a Garth Brooks song, the River, for a friend's funeral in Coeur d'alene.  Barefoot Bob was his nickname---Bob did his "bucket list" before he died--he built his own sailboat and sailed around the world, then wrecked in a storm and was saved by a huge freighter.  He drove around the U.S. in his Model T truck. 

He was so loved by so many that they stopped counting after he got over 2000 E mails after his death.  But you see, Bob never got to read those E mails.  He was gone.  And it occurred to me, how important it is to tell people now,while they are living, just how much they mean to you. 

I note the number of high school sweethearts, like the Severs who are still married.

I can't remember a single incident of anyone being threatened by someone bringing a gun or knife into school.  There were no metal detectors.  The bad guys were called "rinks" and they shackled their pants (and sometimes had them pulled down around their knees)  Rat tailed combs were used, and oh yes, I used that ridiculous butch wax to slick down my hair.  There was no Colombine incident in Colorado.

Walter Snodgrass loved his life's work, he wasn't there for his 40lk, he taught us well. 

My life was much enhanced by my experiences at Moscow High School, though I sure didn't know it then.  Does any of this inspire anyone?

From: Steve Bell - February 22, 2009

Our band traveled to Salmon Arm Canada for a run exchange concert with their band. Naturally, any trip away from Moscow was going to be fun. I remember Linda Daily, always fun, and such a great sense of humor. We were outside somewhere and this giant pigeon did the big white thing right on top of her head --- naturally Linda laughed the whole thing off. Anyone else, would have been seriously concerned. Linda was a great inspiration to many with her attitude.

The other thing I remember, which I suppose everyone else does, is the day I was in Walter Snodgrass band class.  I shall never forget,he said:  "President Kennedy has been assassinated in Dallas, Texas, and Governor Connally has been mortally wounded."  Suddenly my world changed.  I looked at the world as a safe place.  It was no longer a safe place. 

I shall never forget Carolyn and John saluting their fallen father. 

The later deaths of Rev. King, and of Robert Kennedy caused me to lose any faith in going into politics.  President Kennedy, in a very short time, did so much to restore relations with other countries who had previously soured on America.

Bill Bailey will always be remembered for his fabulous sense of humor, and his practical jokes.  Big, Bill was a talented member of the football team.  Few know, (guess who was there) that at times when Bill made a tackle, and was on the bottom of the pile, you would hear a scream from the opposing player ---- because Bill would pull the hair on his leg --- and in the pile up, the ref. would never notice it.

Then there was the day at Schweitzer Basin in Sandpoint skiing, we may have even taken his later to be wife, Carolyn, and sister Mary Le --- I can't remember  Tickets then were just $3.50, (today they are $60) we skied there the first year it was open. In those days,  you skied in blue jeans, the California yuppies hadn't taken over yet. 

There happened to be a real heavy snow fall that year.  Bill loaded onto chair one, and was talking, laughing or something, and let his skis dip down and catch in the snow ---- suddenly he was thrown off the chair into this huge pile of snow.  While everyone else looked on in wonder, Bill, of course, came up laughing. It took him quite awhile to dig himself out. (OK, Bill, you owe me one now ---- this will give you an excuse to show up at the re union and tell it like it was). 

Bill has gone on to a very successful career (see his story)

From: JoAnn Moore Shockley

Miss GehrkePoor Miss Gehrke, took quite a bit of razing, at our reunion. But I want to share a story about her that is a bit more flattering. I have shared it with some of the classmates already and they seem to think I need to share it with all of you.

As you all remember, I was married and had a baby before graduation. Well, if it had not been for Miss Gehrke, I would probably not have been in the graduating Class of 1964. Miss Gehrke taught the summer school classes, and I attended those classes between our junior and senior years. I remember her being adamant that I was going to graduate with "my class". And I was able to accomplish just that, between correspondence classes and summer school.

If not for Miss Gehrke's encouragement I might not have that high school diploma from Moscow High School, Class of 1964. I have always been thankful for her belief in me. I also, have always wished that I had told her how much that meant to me.

So to all of you that have other memories about a teachers special concern for you.........share!

From: Bill Sever

Freshman Class "Hazing" was part of High School Tradition in 1961.  Today, the school administration would be locked up for allowing it to happen.....  We thought it was just part of growing up.. go figure!

Check out the pictureEverybody Sing!

All School PlayFrom: Steve Bell

Does anybody remember our High School Play "Ask Any Girl". Our opera star (Carole Farley) played Meg Wheeler. I played "Alvin" and it took me months to memorize my 15 lines... Carole... the rest is history.

Charles Hosack (Sitting), Carole Farley and Corkey Canode portraid the leeds in the All School Play "Ask Any Girl".  They're shown in a sceen from the production. Supporting cast members were... Debbie Howe, Rocky Slutz, Dianne Weninger, Charlott Todd, Sidney Swensen, Jan Kindschy, Harriot Hagedorn, Michelle Dumas, Ginny Wickstrom, Susi Filatreau, Larry Seale, Steve Bell, Judy Johnston, Sharon Thompson, Mrs. Marilyn Smith - Drama and English instructor, directed the play while Bernie Carey assisted her as student director.

From: Name withheld by request

Ah yes, the Senior Sneak at Twin Echos, probably the best planned booze run of the decade.

The only problem I had was remembering what happened after sneaking my pint on the bus in a shoe box along with all the other injected oranges and watermellons others brought, let alone what had been previously been stashed in the bushes and then having to try to explain to the chaperones that the reason I was so sick was the tuna fish sandwich I ate. Then the mystery of walking across the stage wondering whether my diploma would be signed after being confronted by the school board as to where did it all come from.

Somehow I survived it and my apologies to those offended, I have since learned not to get quite so carried away and was probably lucky to have passed out early in the event. If you know who this is, feel free to embarass me.

From: Phil Crossler

One of my fondest memories involved the plays and musicals we performed as MHS and city of Moscow. My best memory was playing the part of Billy Bigelow in Carousel. I even remember parts of the music. Want to hear me sing the Soliloquy? No? , well, probably a good decision. I do remember playing opposite Carole Farley who was the lead female part. I even got to kiss her on stage in front of everyone!

Now Carole is a famous Opera Star and I work for the State of Washington. I’m sure one of her credits isn’t that she sang with Phil Crossler in Moscow, Idaho. But I’ll not forget.   Check out the pictureCLICK HERE to view Phil's technique.

From: Steve Bell

Do you remember the Band bus trip with Walter Snodgrass (conductor)?

We had a delightful weekend and performed an exchange concert for the people of Salmon Arm BC.

Linda Daily, was always known for her poise, charm and good looks. She was also, more than, good natured when we went for a walk and a pigeon "pooped" directly on her head..

NOTE: Linda... would you like to get back at Steve for this... let me know..

From: Names withheld (to protect the innocent)

How many of you remember the Deary Strawberry Festival?  Some of us do....  I remember my Senior year and a trip to the celebration in the village north of Moscow.  We (you know who you are) had planned for weeks to make it a serious statement of our adult status.  We'd acquired a few cases of malt beverage, some rum-soaked cigars and enough cash for incidentals... gas, food, etc.

All went well in Deary.  We danced, wondered the streets and even made it into the local bars without much challenge... but... on the way home, our designated driver had a problem keeping his car running (on the road).  Maybe it was too much "malt beverage".. or... the fact that the beater we were in was better suited for local street use only.  In either case, you can picture a little Plymouth coupe sitting off on the shoulder with it's "sobriety-challenged" occupants trying to figure out how they'll make it home without getting caught....

As luck would have it, another carload of MHS representatives saw our situation and gave us a ride back to the "big city".

I do wonder, as I've grown older, how we managed to survive the chances we took... but... I'm grateful that we did... Then... I wonder if our kids have had similar experiences... but.. I probably really don't want to know.

Does anyone want to talk about our Senior Sneak?


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