Memories of the class of 1964
Moscow Idaho, Class of 1964 - Class Reunion
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Cap & Gown - MHS Class of 1964



This should be interesting.... John Wilson found a short stack of Wocsomonians...  I looked through them and most of the pictures are so faded it would be hard to capture them but..... the Cap & Gown columns caught my eye.

Take a look.. maybe you'll find yourself in the list.. maybe you will be surprised how you have or haven't changed in 40 years.

If you have copies of the Wocsomonian that aren't noted below, and you want to send them along, I'll put them on the page....

As you can see... I must have way too much time on my hands.......

Wocsomonian - "Cap & Gown" January 24, 1964
David Witcher  
Call Him: "Water Witcher"
Arrived: February 26, 1946
Desire: To be marooned on a deserted island with anyone.
Likes: Safaris, pizza, "Wild Weekend", blue, elk steak, Dimensions, cowgirls, "Soul Dance", scuba diving, bears, hunting, camping out in the snow, Avantis, physics, Mrs. Shimke, Mr. Correll, girls and ME.
Gripes: Work, school, girls, in that order.
Ideal Mate: Someone between four and eight feet tall, with brown eyes and a soft voice.
Suppressed desire: Censored
Kay Wallace  
Call Her: "Wally"
Arrived: March 7, 1946 in Moscow, Idaho
Desire: Eat, drink and make merry. Especially to be happy.
Likes: All my past and present teachers, most people, shorthand, word study, peanut butter and bologna sandwitches, band, my clarinet, money, swimming, skiing, snow, T Birds, pool games, music, candy bars, icy streets, caroling parties, Christmas, presents, Shasta root beer, late movies o TV and TKE.
Gripes: People who talk constantly and people who never talk; some dances, consoles, and pre-functions.
Ideal Mate: JOC
Suppressed desire: See the world on my yacht.
Steve Bell  
Call Him: "Fred" or "Steve"
Arrived: March 3, 1946 in Washington, D.C.
Desire: To graduate from college and travel.
Likes: Pizza, surfing, all sports, pink elephants, hamburgers, California, traveling, green, skiing, dancing -- "The Bird" and "The Hitchhiker", steak, assemblies, holidays, Beach Boys, Chevies, Steve Lawrence, and Henry Mancini
Gripes: Filling out this questionaire, standing in lines -- the lunch line in particular, English literature, and girls with runs in their nylons
Ideal Mate: 38-25-38
Suppressed desire:  
Cheryl Howell  
Call Her: "Cherie"
Arrived: May 7, 1946
Desire: To go to beauty school next fall.
Likes: Mrs. Schimke, horseback riding, 4-H work, good people who are friendly to everyone, Mrs. Walenta, Government, Home EC, snow, coasting parties, annex, and crowded halls at MSHS.
Gripes: People who think they're better than everyone else, childish high school students, persons who are rude to fellow students and fellow citizens.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To be happy and to make others happy.
Ron Randall  
Call Him: "Ron"
Arrived: July 2, 1946
Desire: To be a peanut vender that has an annual income of $1,000,000 or an economist that gets to direct U. S. spending.
Likes: All sports except baseball, friendly girls, music to set the mood by, extended periods in the outdoors, and swimming in cold water.
Gripes: Girls who never smile, and running out of gas.
Ideal Mate: Fun to be with, nice to look at and enjoys going places and doing things that are different.
Suppressed desire: To find someone who understands me and my moods... Be successful!
Teri Newsome  
Call Her: "Terr"
Arrived: March 28, 1946
Desire: To make a success of my career and life.
Likes: Money, nice clothes, good-looking boys, Thunderbirds, skiing, the "Hero", perfume, pastel colors, green, brown, "Morti", salami pizza, cokes, Johnny Mathis, any kind of music, snow, summertime, horses, basketball games, dances, live bands, "Louie Louie", fur collars, my dog "Joe" and my cat "Karbunkle", anything that's expensive, roses, and black cats.
Gripes: Being skinny, people who don't like my "Green" eyes, cleaning my Dad's office and people who don't belive in Ouija Boards.
Ideal Mate: I wonder if he actually exists??
Suppressed desire: To someday have more boy friends than "Morti" has had.
Robb Parish  
Call Him: "Robb"
Arrived: June 23, 1946
Desire: To see Europe in the spring.
Likes: Steaks, mashed potatoes, Triumphs, skiing, Mr. Youmans, "A Letter From Sherry", '28 Chevs, Martha, live bands, Deer Park drags, Dexter, and Volkswagons
Gripes: The annex, money, Mt. Spokane Ski Lodge, Sigma Nu Santas, Washington State Patrol.
Ideal Mate: I've found her.
Suppressed desire: To dive into a pool of mashed potatoes and gravy.
Joanne Moore  (Briney)
Call Her: "Joie"
Arrived: November 10, 1945
Desire: To get Skip through school, be a good wife and mother, and have lots of kids.
Likes: Friendly people, blue, red, Mrs. Warren, staying home, "409 Chevies", government, fat happy babies, sisters-in-law, fried chicken, hot bread, Moscow Grange, dogs, and little brothers.
Gripes: Loud boys, giggly girls, people who don't know I'm married, crowded MSHS halls, annex, people who think I'm only about 14 years old, goody-goody people, a certian 4-speed floor shift and Ford pick-ups.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To fly (in an airplane), and own a BIG farm.
Joanne Putman  
Call Her: "Joanne"
Arrived: August 3, 1946
Desire: To become an elementary school teacher.
Likes: Most foods, Mrs. Walenta, Mrs. Hungerford, Mr. Snodgrass, yellow and lavender, "Meet Me At Midnight Mary", Johnny Crawford, Paul Peterson, and to watch all sports.
Gripes: People who think they are better than others.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To get married before 50.
Ward Hart  
Call Him: "C. B."
Arrived: Must have....
Desire: Automotive engineer and designer for General Motors Co.
Likes: Drag strips, Salt Flats, and good times, screaming superstocks, go on week-long safaris, drag boats.
Gripes: People who don't know what they want to do, dead towns, folding drag chutes,
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: Live
Bill Greene  
Call Him: "Bill"
Arrived: September 5, 1946
Desire: Architecture degree and build a dragster.
Likes: School, all teachers, fast cars, "parties", hunting and fishing.
Gripes: School, some people (especially crabby girls),
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: Run a speed shop, be a hermit and live in the woods and be a beach bum.

Wocsomonian - "Cap & Gown" February 7, 1964
Eugena Haupt  
Call Her: "Genie" or "Hippity Haupty"
Arrived: September 30, 1946
Desire: To be fabulously rich and fairly happy.
Likes: Corvairs, vanilla Cokes, Moscow, Boise, white satin, brown, lasagna, skiing (snow skiing that is!), tennis, black glasses, Andy Williams, "Trix", contact lenses and cravats, flowers in studdy hall, $$$ LOTSA $$$, cabins at Coeur d'Alene Lake and swimming (if I could), Sunday afternoons with the gang.
Gripes: Rain and snow, loud noises, people who can swim, Annex, people who sneak up behind me, not being able to water ski.
Ideal Mate: very rich -- preferably!
Suppressed desire: To be able to control myself in difficult situations.
Frank Burlison  
Call Him: "Peachy"
Arrived: August XX, MDCCCCXLVI, A. D.
Desire: To have the U. S. Mental Health Dept. probe into the dark, twisted minds of the BPA members.
Likes: School books with large colored pictures, Sonny Liston, algebra, figures with correct formulas, people and being alive.
Gripes: They began 17 years ago on both sides of the crib, and there are far too may to even start to gripe.
Ideal Mate: A brown-eyes blond, 5'7" tall, weight 127 pounds, paints her toe nails, owns a Chevy, likes green and pink, and of course has a great personality.
Suppressed desire: To enroll at Vassar, and major in Co-Education.
Dorothy Cook  
Call Her: "Dodie"
Arrived: June 21, 1946, Long Beach, Calif.
Desire: See the 1964 BEAR TRACKS to to press.
Likes: Pizza, ravioli, Exodus, "Cleopatra" (the music), Christy Minstrels, skiing, swimming, most teachers, Bear Tracks, reading, traveling, people, "My Fair Lady", writing, sports cars, and daschunds.
Gripes: Snobs and social climbers.
Ideal Mate: ?
Suppressed desire: Roam around Europe in a Mercedes 300 SL.
Pat Pope  
Call Him: "Tacktess, dumb, nasty, but always different."
Arrived: December 18, 1945
Desire: To find life, love, truth, asdventure and a career in law and politics.
Likes: School, teachers, life, love, truth, California, people, student government, Vern Windham, Jack Porter, travel and me.
Gripes: Inefficient student government, misused power, people that think I talk too much and winners.
Ideal Mate: A female, suprised you didn't I?
Suppressed desire: To date Kathy Rogers or Ruthie Christensen.
Ann Rhodes  
Call Her: "Dusty"
Arrived: July 26, 1946
Desire: To slide down the banisters in the High School before I graduate.
Likes: Mr J., people in general, Greta and Sophelethia, pizza, good-honest friends, snow, rain, water skiing for that matter all water sports, basketball, red, blue, T-bone steaks.
Gripes: Catty women, the ice on the way across to the Annex, the idea it's unladylike to slide down banisters, to see people unhappy, especially my friends, people who travel.
Ideal Mate: H-m-m-m-m!
Suppressed desire: To make Nitro smile again.
Jack Porter  
Call Him: By telephone or with drums.
Arrived: Not a moment too soon.
Desire: Power, affection, and a good psychoanalyst.
Likes: Springtime, Rodgers & Hammerstein, most Republicans, people with ideas, people who are trying to help somebody, Pogo, BPS, canoes, beaches, and sunsets.
Gripes: Deadlines, cynics, getting up in the morning, my own egocentricism.
Ideal Mate: Understanding, intelligent, great sense of humor, completely unselfish, and the owner of a diamond mine.
Suppressed desire: Repay all the friends who have done so much for me in the past four years.
Tom Merlan  
Call Him: "Tom"
Arrived: November 18, 1947
Desire: To write an 800 page Novel.
Likes: Skiing, New York City, swimming, Senator Dirksen, chocolate cake, people with English accents, Spanish, writers like James Joyce, Nathanael West and Dylan Thomas.
Gripes: Capitalism, hard-boiled eggs, Barry Goldwater, the Twist, the John Birch Society, sisters who don't get up in the morning, Jimmy Hoffa.
Ideal Mate: I'm not worrying, so why should you?
Suppressed desire: To tell you my real suppressed desire! 

Wocsomonian - "Cap & Gown" February 21, 1964
Kathleen Rogers  
Call Her: "Kathy", "Kath"
Arrived: April 16, 1946
Desire: To get an education and travel to Europe and meet Brigitte's friends.
Likes: Pink, blue, snow, Mrs. Whitehead, teachers in general, "Camelot", "West Side Story", Peter Paul & Mary, sunsets, roses, good friends, watching people dance, popcorn and pop on a cold snowy night, Sunday rides, beautiful sunny days, being happy and laughing and swimming.
Gripes: Friends who put my name down as one of their gripes, rain, snide comments from a certain president, blaring music, slippery sidewalks, people who don't mind their own business.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: The aren't suppressed.
Kent Marley  
Call Him: "Kent"
Arrived: March 3, 1946
Desire: To get lost in the forest.
Likes: XKE's, spit shined shoes, basketball, forestry, other basketball players, good looking girls, money, camper trailers, friendly cheerleaders.
Gripes: People who think I'm stuck-up, anyone who won't give me a new car, not having my first million, and the referee from Colfax
Ideal Mate: Anyone who can get along with me, preferably good looking.
Suppressed desire: To outscore Bob Ross.
Sharon Sims  
Call Her: "Sharon"
Arrived: December 24, 1945
Desire: To graduate this year.
Likes: Mrs. Walenta, Mrs. Schimke, fried chicken, green, bookkeeping, swimming, riding horses, basketball games, all my brothers, and Moscow.
Gripes: Typing class, study hall, people who think they're better than other people, and groups in high school.
Ideal Mate: Someone with a good personality, good-looking and has a sense of humor.
Suppressed desire:  
Steve Tusberg  
Call Him: "Steve"
Arrived: September 12, 1946
Desire: Be able to get out of sports cars without getting a charley horse and to graduate from the University of Idaho.
Likes: Most MSHS teachers, good movies, food, people who like me, quiet parties, and people who think I'm older than I really am.
Gripes: A few MSHS teachers, bad movies, English, peoply who think they're neat, girls from out of town who give me a bad time, and when I have to leave someplace in a hurry.
Ideal Mate: Haven't quite figured that one out yet.
Suppressed desire: To just once get the best of G. S. C.
Cheryl Pitkin  
Call Her: "Pit"
Arrived: July 8, 1946
Desire: Marriage
Likes: Pink, "Johnny Angel", boys, swimming, basketball games, black, fall, flowers, spring, slow dances, anything sentimental, people, Siamese cats, laughing, spending money.
Gripes: People who don't smile or say HI, and being depressed.
Ideal Mate: Blue eyes and all mine.
Suppressed desire: To ride a trycycle to the New York World's Fair.
Marian Anderson  
Call Her: "Marian"
Arrived: September 5, 1946 in Spokane Washington
Desire: To make a success of myself one way of another.
Likes: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Walenta, Mr. Yomans, 4-H, Pep Club, blue, red, "Rodgers and Hammerstein", clothes, dancing, fried prawns.
Gripes: "Braces", mixers where everone stands around with their teeth in their mouths.
Ideal Mate: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, five-feet seven-inches, grand personality, and fun to be with.
Suppressed desire: Float to Hawaii on a life raft.
Mick Weinmann  
Call Him: "Mick" or "Buddy Love"
Arrived: June 2, 1946
Desire: To get through college.
Likes: Football, basketball, skiing, water skiing, Saturday nights and girls.
Gripes: ...;...; slow drivers, school, and work.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To be rich.
Dan Crimmins  
Call Him: "D. C." or "Drac"
Arrived: 68 days after the Japs surrendered.
Desire: Run a metrecal concession in the Kremlin to pay for my education in Architecture.
Likes: Expensive ($) guitars, French-fried crabgrass, Ira Blue, Miss Gehrke, cherry-flavored peanut husks, Coice and Sharpe, Key Club, gum flavored charcoal, water skiing, Mr. Gasser.
Gripes: Hard butter and soft bread, people without basic good manners, my malfunctioning TV set for which I paid $1.75, adult delinquents, "Monsters".
Ideal Mate: Five-feet-two, greenish-blue eyes, brown hair, a lousy chess player.
Suppressed desire: Not to get beaten by everyone that I teach (?) to play chess.

Wocsomonian - "Cap & Gown" March 6, 1964
Lu Ella Eveland  
Call Her: "Chuck"
Arrived: October 18, 1945 (18 years ago)
Desire: To stay happy and enjoy life.
Likes: Summer, pink, "Bubbles", most things eatable, Mrs. Schimke, Mr. Lundberg, Elvis, money, people, and "All My Loving".
Gripes: Catsup, people who walk up behind me and say, "Watch out, don't step on her", and those that rest their weary bones on my head.
Ideal Mate: There's no such thing.
Suppressed desire: To invent something to put on my head, so when someone leans on it, they will feel a tremdous shock.
Jim Culpepper  
Call Him: "Coolie"
Arrived: By stork, July 28, 1945
Desire: To go to the University of Idaho, play football.
Likes: Pizza, pumpkin pie, hot rods ('49s), Mrs. Hugerford, Mrs. Cheetham, football, track, Mr. Sutton, horses, girls, drag racing, MONEY, food.
Gripes: Girls who stick out their toungues, engine trouble, doing chores at 6 AM, unexcused absences, studying, work, poor work slips.
Ideal Mate: Haven't found her yet but I'm trying hard.
Suppressed desire: To blow up the Chemistry room, become a millionaire playboy.
Mary Rydholm  
Call Her: "Ryd"
Arrived: September 5, 1946, C.O.D. - Moscow Idaho
Desire: To travel.
Likes: Blue, pink, pizza, Vandalburgers, Johnny Cash, hiking in the mountains of Alaska, traveling, fishing, hunting, cooking, spring, collecting flowers, "Mare", "Exodus", knitting.
Gripes: Clubs and organizations that go to the head of the lunch line and snobs.
Ideal Mate: Tall, intelligent, outdoor man. Hmmm!!!
Suppressed desire: To live in an igloo in the remotest part of Alaska.

Wocsomonian - "Cap & Gown" March 20, 1964
John O'Laughlin  
Call Him: "Oly"
Arrived: July , 1946 in Wenatchee Washington
Desire: Get a B. A. degree in political science.
Likes: Music, all kinds, Chad Mitchell Trio, pizza, Mr. Crimin, Choralaires, people in general, TV, basketball, swimming, Canada, bowling, Seattle, and poker.
Gripes: M Club Court, students that drink, people that don't know where Oroville is, student driving permits, tardy slips, slow drivers, traffic court.
Ideal Mate: Tell you in five years.
Suppressed desire: Own a parking lot on Knob Hill.
Diann Lind  
Call Her: "Froggy"
Arrived: May 1, 1946
Desire: Major in Psychology.
Likes: PFC-R.E.F., my friends, pizza, skating parties, horses, athletics, "little sister", old classics, good books, Mrs. Williams, BEAR, older brother, Hum.
Gripes: Smoking, drinking, and people who gripe.
Ideal Mate: 5 feet 9 inches, 135 pounds, strong, good looking, and likes me.
Suppressed desire: To hit 20 home runs in a row.
Lynn Marchant  
Call Him: "King Tut"
Arrived: January 24, 1944
Desire: To graduate before 1970.
Likes: Money, wild women, Corvettes, chocolates, steaks, pickled pigs feet, Mr. Youmans, Mr. Rush, driving machinery.
Gripes: Too much home-work, my paper route.
Ideal Mate: Brown-eyed brunette, 5 feet 2 inches tall, and a neat 36-23-32.
Suppressed desire:  
Mike Bosse  
Call Him: "Boss" or "professor"
Arrived: January 14, 1947
Desire: Graduate from college, lead a happy life.
Likes: Mr. Youmans, Mrs. Hungerford, Mr. Correll, steaks, blue, green, spaghetti, pizza, Anthony Quinn, Spencer Tracy, autumn sunsets, moonlit nights, the "Ventures", Chevs, chess, Al Hurt, "Java", tennis, swimming, soft music, dancing and psychology.
Gripes: People who won't give me vital information; sadistic, sardonic humor and warped practical jokes.
Ideal Mate: Fun to be with, inderstanding, sincere, and a real "nut".
Suppressed desire: ? ? ? ?
Sandra Hoffman  
Call Her: "Sandy"
Arrived: November 28, 1945
Desire: To have 10 feet of snow.
Likes: Steak, blue, Soc., and Mrs. Schimke, sports, traveling, Florida, "Washington Square", snow, money, crabs, "My Fretreats"
Gripes: Slippery Annex stairs for me to fall down, crowded halls.
Ideal Mate: Not known yet ? ? ?
Suppressed desire: To become an elementary teacher.
Erin Talbot  
Call Him: "Erin"
Arrived: November 19, 1945 in Spokane
Desire: To fly.
Likes: Bananas, French fried potatoes, chocolate shakes, Dr. Harman, Mr. Paulsen, Mrs. Schimke, Mrs. Hungerford, Bench D175, VW's, Seattle.
Gripes: ?
Ideal Mate: Good looks, charming personality.
Suppressed desire: To make more money than I can spend.
Ruthie Christensen  
Call Her: "Rodney", "Emil" or "Rufus"
Arrived: August 9, 1946
Desire: Live in a big city and be a career girl.
Likes: Onions, French fried potatoes, live bands, parties, games on Tuesday nights, pizza, journalism, knitting, good weather, tacos, money, shows, the "herd", Mrs. Weeks, autumn haze, Chevies, Mrs. Williams, "Johnny Mac", Pepsi and C. N.
Ideal Mate: Tall, dark, handsome, famous, and rich.
Suppressed desire: Burn down the Annex ! ! !
Everett Paul  
Call Him: "E. R." or "Everett"
Arrived: December 27, 1945
Desire: To see Prohibition passed for the benefit of present and future generations.
Likes: Math, Mr. Richmand, old cars, Mr. Youmans, mechanical drawing.
Gripes: Drinking and smoking; the Beatles.
Ideal Mate: ? ? ?
Suppressed desire: To be happy and successful.

Wocsomonian - "Cap & Gown" April 24, 1964
William Junk  
Call Him: 'Willie"
Arrived: September 19, 1946 in St. Joseph Missouri
Likes: Steak, banana cream pie, soft ice cream, Mrs. Walenta, Mrs. Schimke, football, baseball, racing, tennis, Peter Paul and Mary, surfing, jazz, and black and red.
Gripes: People who chew gum.
Ideal Mate: Nice, friendly, good-looking, intelligent.
Suppressed desire: To have $1,000,000 to play with.
Marcia Dare  
Call Her: "Mush", "Marsh" or "Rosebud" (an H.R. original).
Arrived: January 28, 1946
Desire: To graduate from college and travel.
Likes: CALIFORNIA, friendly people, Mrs. Schimke, Mrs. Walenta, dances, live bands, FOOD, riding around in the "Bomb", parties, "Hunga", sports, "The Gang", pink, overnight road trips, cheerleading, singing with "Peter, Paul and.. Almond Joy" (?), assemblies, giving Michelle a bad time, nice clothes, BOYS, and money.
Gripes: The Annex, school boards, crowded halls, lack of support for spring sports, and tardy excuses.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To be early for everthing for one whole month ! ! !  (notice it's terribly suppressed!)
Dennis Peterson  
Call Him: "Dennis"
Arrived: March 11, 1946
Desire: Go to a trade school and to Mexico.
Likes: Mr. Youmans, blue, green, "Miller's Cave", "Crooked Little Man", food, milk shakes, root beer.
Gripes: Fords, A.L., work.
Ideal Mate: Someone who is "Nice".
Suppressed desire: Live in and own a mansion.
Jane Johnson  
Call Her:  
Arrived: November 16, 1945
Desire: Graduate from college, travel abroad, and live a happy life.
Likes: Flying, scrapbooks, traveling, onion rings, "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue", water skiing, fresh air, summer, orange, all sports, flowers, being happy, chess, peaceful and quiet places where I can relax, and drawing.
Gripes: People who hang all over each other in the halls.
Ideal Mate: Considerate, wide variety of interests, good sense of humor, talkative and fun to be with.
Suppressed desire:  
Arnie Larson  
Call Him: "Doc"
Arrived: January 10, 1946
Desire: To be a race driver and pit mechanic.
Likes: Girls, General Motors products, Sterling Moss, Mickey Thompson, parties, elk steak, money, blondes, motorcycles, tossed green salad, Mr. Rush, Mr. Youmans, spring, summer, old cars, Buicks, Ag., Spokane, and turbine engines.
Gripes: School, Fords, winter, strait 8's, English and homework.
Ideal Mate: Blonde, 5 feet 5, blue eyes, good personality and likes to travel.
Suppressed desire: To make it to Mexico after graduation this spring.
Bill Berrigan  
Call Him: "Bill" or "Jim Barringer"
Arrived: August 30, 1946 in Albany N. Y.
Desire: A life in the wilds as a wildlife biologist.
Likes: Lawrence Welk, Guy Lonbardo, winter camping, all teachers, band, jeeps, a certain girl, model airplanes, and huge steaks!
Gripes: Messy girls, loud cars, most freshmen (sisters), and the Annex.
Ideal Mate: A beautiful girl who doesn't care if I don't make a million.
Suppressed desire: Suppressed!
Bob Ford  
Call Him: Wondering playboy.
Arrived: April 9, 1946 in St. Louis Missouri
Desire: To make lots of money.
Likes: Alfa Romeos, beautiful girls, steak, Mrs. Schimke, Mr. Correll, Mancini, "Lucky", "Money", skiing (water and snow), tennis, hustling
Gripes: Annex, fuzz, snobbish people especially girls, snow when you can't ski.
Ideal Mate: 5 feet 4, 36-22-36, blonde.
Suppressed desire: To do the dog with Brigitte Bardot.
Daryl Cameron  
Call Him: "Great"
Arrived: November 21, 1945, Gritman Memorial Hospital, Maternity Ward, Second Floor, Moscow Idaho.
Desire: Money and be successful.
Likes: Mrs. Walenta, Chevies, P.M's, parties, the lake, water skiing, women, Mr. Correll, Miss Gehrke, drive-in movies, Hank Mancini, Beatles, food, weekends, Diamond Cup riots, life in general.
Gripes: MOSCOW, parties that flop, Vandalburgers, Ladybugs, people who think they are better than me, people that don't like people who smoke or drink, MOSCOW, Chevelles at times, Fords all the time and MOSCOW.
Ideal Mate: Susie Fanningsworth, according to OUIJA.
Suppressed desire: It is and I wish to keep it that way, thanks.

Wocsomonian - "Cap & Gown" Sep 25, 1963
John Wilson
Call Him: "John"
Hatched: November 4, 1945, Moscow Idaho
Desire: To own a '56 Chev with a GMC blower (one in particular).
Likes: Blue, pizza, "girls", and, of course, my dog.
Gripes: Scads of them, teachers mainly.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire:  
Nancy Million
Call Her: "Nancy"
Hatched: June 19, 1946, Moscow Idaho
Desire: To get married and be a good housewife.
Likes: "Send me the pillow that you dream on", chocolate cake, potato chips, swimming, horseback riding and neat cars.
Gripes: Cars that break down all the time, egg sandwitches and people that can't pronounce my last name.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire:  
David Inscore
Call Him: "AL"
Hatched: May 20, 1945, Spokane Washington
Desire: To go on to college and have as much fun there as I did in high school.
Likes: Girls, nice cars, water skiing, hunting, teachers that don't give homework, Mr. Youmans, pizza, driving around in my car and the L. A. Dodgers.
Gripes: Homework, girls with hot tempers and work.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire:  
Dennis Scott
Call Him: Not printable.
Hatched: January 16, 1946
Desire: To own a full-house Corvette with dual fours, four speeed, 4.56 positrac gears and big slicks.
Likes: Girls, cars, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, steak, Mrs. Walenta, Mrs. Hungerford and Mr. Youmans.
Gripes: Homework, mouthy little sisters and tired Fords.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire:  
Carol Morton
Call Her: "Morti"
Hatched: March 19, 1946, Schrewsbury, England
Desire: To visit all the big cities of the U. S.
Likes: Mrs. Hungerford, Mrs. Whitehead, spaghetti and meat balls, San Francisco, seafood, white Corvairs and M&Ms.
Gripes: Moscow
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire:  
Bruce Nygaard
Call Him: "Bruce"
Hatched: November 23, 1945, Moscow Idaho
Desire: To help my fellow man.
Likes: All sports, archery, food (steaks), Dave Brubeck Quartet and the Limeliters.
Gripes: The poor school spirit we have had. I hope it will be considerably improved in the coming year.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire:  
Sandy Everett
Call Her: "Sam"
Hatched: June 23, 1945
Desire: Travel
Likes: Mrs. Whitehead, Mrs. Hungerford, water skiing, California, blue, and steak.
Gripes: Annex, Moscow and crowded stairs.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire:  
Cheryl Beasley
Call Her: "Beast"
Hatched: October 18, 1945, Boise Idaho
Desire: To be able to enjoy life to the fullest extent.
Likes: Food, clothes, records, Mrs. Schimke, green and brown and lots of fun!
Gripes: People who speak before they think.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire:  

Wocsomonian - "Cap & Gown" Dec 20, 1963
Annette Mattoon
Call Her: "Hum"
Arrived: March 11, 1946
Desire: Raise Quarter horses, Appaloosas, and go to the U. of I.
Likes: Horses, "Bubs", "Grand Canyon Suite:, horses, cocker spaniels, Porgy, "Big Red", sweaters, "Exodus", "Guns of Navarone", horses, and 409's.
Gripes: People who step on my feet, Mike, and sick '58 Plymouths.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To own a silver Sting Ray and the King Ranch in Texas.
Linda Dailey
Call Her: "Dilly"
Arrived: July 2, 1946 C.O.D.
Desire: To teach P.E., to be a high school councelor, and to be a drama teacher.
Likes: Pizza, pink Indians, all teachers, friendly teachers, Phi Delts (one in particular), talking, parties, boys whos initials are J. M., riding on a toat goat, high school's mixers, going to shows, cheer leading and the whole gang, Job's Daughters, having a good time, laughing, going to the lake, boys that are sincere, and lots of school spirit.
Gripes: The bad time the gang gives me (Hum!), when Mr Paulsen makes me go to the end of the lunch line, people who are always running someone into the ground, people who don't say hi, people who shrug their duties, people who try to be somebody they're not and smoking and drinking.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To pull the fire alarm during school; to live a happy, successful life with Jim; have a big party at the lake and never grow old.
Kathy Buchanan
Call Her: "Abadool"
Arrived: June 25, 1946
Desire: To study abroad, marry someone rich, live in a French castle, and be happy forever.
Likes: Shakey's pizza, Sistie Uglers, 1964, pink houses, Phi Gamma Delta, Couer d'Alene in summer, D. G.'s '64 Sting Ray, DG, Mrs. Whitehead, blond boys, diamonds, Peter-Paul and Mary, turtleneck jerseys, gas turbines by Chrysler, Seaside, Buck Youmans, excused tardies, ski clothes, Mrs. Schimke, long hair, museums, KXLY, and hootenanies.
Gripes: Brothers, bleached blondes, people who think taking off with my car is funny, bucket seats, people who still spell my name with a "Y", the cost of anything over 50 cents, Ford consoles, run nylons, paste taste on trading stamps and avacados.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To own 98½% of all GM, Chrysler and A. T. and T. stock by 1965.
Sheila Byers
Call Her: "ICH" --- anything.
Likes: Pacific Ocean, bananas, ice water reverberators, puddles, snow flakes, dances, mohair sweaters, icicles, P. F. Flyers, pepperoni, TR-4's, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, salt water, "Ice Cream Joe", soft music, "You're no good", stereo, being free, abstract paintings, lobster and butter, wine, ABC's ocean liner, travel, wind, blue eyes, my pop, Priest Lake, coconut milk, black, fig leaves, palm leaves, Puget Sound, islands, waterfalls, fog, orangutangs, fall, sand beaches and sunky deep night, books, vineyards, Italy, and clams.
Gripes: Time, sand in my shoes, wet snow, seaweed, jewelry, me, money, unbrellas, and boys.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: Live in Europe, learn to ski, knit a sweater, own my own car and never get married.
Richard Griffin
Call Him: Anything but late for supper.
Arrived: January 27, 1945
Desire: Join the Marine Corps, go to Tahiti and Japan to study judo.
Likes: BPA and SPA, judo, jujitsu, karate, band, photography, Mrs. Ardrey, Mr. Gould, Dr. Harman, Mrs. Hungerford, Mr. Paulsen, Mrs. Schuette, Mrs. Tolleson, Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Whitehead, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Williver, Mr. Youmans, and the great class of '64.
Gripes: People who think I am a nice guy, when they want me to take their picture or someone else's picture or make points for them.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To swim in the pool in front of the Taj Mahal.
Mike Doherty
Call Him: "Mike"
Arrived: December 1, 1946
Desire: To be successful, and make $20,000 my first year out of college.
Likes: Vandalburgers, venison, root beer floats, Johnny F., Roy Orbison music, "Soul Dance", blue (any shade), green, XK-E's, Avantes, hunting, baseball, and all sports.
Gripes: Physics and peepsights.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To think of a supressed desire.
Ed Nelson
Call Him: "Ed"
Arrived: November 24, 1946
Desire: To become a racing driver and to design and build my own Grand Prix racing car.
Likes: Sting Rays, Ford Cobras, Farraris, Lotuses, 305 Honda Super Hawks, FOOD, instrumentals, "Mashy", XK-E's, "39" Buicks, hamburgers, Missoula, steak, travel, San Francisco, pizza, Mila Miglia Darlington Southern "500", black and gold Pontiacs, Stirling Moss, road racing, Juan Manuel Fangio, Europe, and money.
Gripes: Moscow, people who don't like conceited people, BPA, dull parties, and lots more of them.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To own a Sting Ray with 428 MK II Chev engine in it, or a turbine Go Kart and become the greatest racing driver in the world.
Robert Pierson
Call Him: "Bob"
Arrived: August 15, 1946
Desire: Trade School
Likes: "Down at Papa Joe's", "Exodus", "Sugar Shack", bowling, walking, car magazines.
Gripes: Not enough National Assemblies
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To beat Ron at bowling. 
Jim Iverson
Call Him: "Ivy"
Arrived: June 7, 1946
Desire: To graduate from the U. of I. and live a good life.
Likes: Food, motorcycles, Fords, Mr. Lundberg, Mrs. Schimke, Mr. Youmans, blue, outdoors, WOTC, money, Vandalburgers, Pend Oreille, "Outer Limits" and good music.
Gripes: BPA, motorcycle bombs, girls who giggle all the time, Clarkston, and Louis J.
Ideal Mate:  
Suppressed desire: To have the BPA appear on Starlit Stairway so they can share their talents with the world.


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