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JoAnn Moore

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Phone: 509-981-6220
JoAnn Moore Shockley
Updated May 23, 2019

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Oldest daughter Sandi and family live in Springfield,OR. Daughter Suzi &her daughter live MosesLake.

Almost 30 years in Ritzville...still a good fit. Enjoying retirement....staying busy with family,church,a bit of travel and helping with local food pantry.

Spouse:   Bob Shockley


Sandi is married to Gregg and they have 3 boys, Rhett 15, Rhiley 11 and Rhoman 5. They live in Springfield, OR. Sandi is a Doctor of Audiology and owns her own practice in Eugene.
Suzi is married to Steve and they have one daughter Sophia 13. Suzi lives in Moses Lake and teachs in the school district there.

Updated: April 22, 2009
Family Gathering - Easter 2008
A Family Gathering - Easter 2008
We are still enjoying our life here in Ritzville. I am working very part time, at a christian preschool and a local florist shop. It is just enough to keep me in spending money and leaves plenty of time for other fun things. Bob retired and we thought that would give us more time in the motor home, but it hasn't seemed to work out that way. We seem to stay involved with lots of different things that keep us home. When we do get away it is to go see the grandkids and their parents, which never seems to often enough.

During the past 5 years we have so enjoyed our monthly "dinner gang" with fellow classmates. We look forward to our times together, so much laughing and catching up. What special friendships have developed after all these years.

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the class of '64 in June!!

2005 Landmarks

Sandi, Rhett, Rhiley and Gregg
Guess Who's 60?
Bob Retires
Bob Retires

Our Reunion.. added August 3rd, 2004

It has been a week since we were all in Moscow, reliving the ol'days and catching up on the new ones. I still have a warm fuzzy feeling about the weekend and all the wonderful hugs,laughs and tears we shared together. I was so glad to see and talk to each of you. Time didn't allow for touching base with everyone and that is why I am so pleased that the website will contiue, so we will be able to stay in touch. The "class of 64" is a bunch of great folk, and we have aged well over the last 40 years. As they say "Life happens while you are making other plans", but we seem to have handled those life happenings and done well.

I can't begin to express my thanks to the planning committee for all the hard work that went into planning such a great event. And Bill what a gift you have given to us all with the wonderful website connection. I can only say THANKS!!! and bless you all.

See you in five...if not before!

Joann, Bob and the Grandkids
Bob and I with Rhett, Rhiley and Sophia

Having missed the last class reunion, I am looking forward to seeing everyone in July!

Bob and I have lived in Ritzville, WA. for 13 years. Bob works for the Washington State Patrol, as a CVO. So if you drive the "Big Trucks" he'll be watching you! I am currently without a job, after working 5 years in a quilt shop here in Ritzville and in Cheney. The shop has recently closed and I am not sure how I am going to support my fabric addiction!! If you are a quilter, you know of which I speak!

We enjoy our 3 wonderful grandchildren and their parents as much as possible. We love going camping and fishing with them. As Bob looks to retirement in the near future, we are planning to spend more time in the motorhome.

We do get to the Moscow area occasionally. My mother remarried, after my dad died and she now lives just out of Potlatch.

Really anxious to see all of you in July!!

Sandi, Rhett, Rhiley and Gregg again
Sandi, Rhett, Rhiley and Gregg

Suzi, Steve, Sophia, Me and Bob
This is at Disneyland with our daugher Suzi, Steve and Sophia, Me and Bob.

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