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I thought I'd take a minute and exercise a bit of "privilege" to give you an update on what I've been up to relative to our site..

First.... I hope you like my picture (the mature gent on the right above).  It's not my best picture.. but it is representative of what may happen after nearly 60 years of life experience.  I suspect it also has something to do with E.T. stuff... or the myth of "shape shifting".  We surely can take pride in our ability to persist!

I hope all will share their stories and adventures, including pictures, so they can be included on their pages.  

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MHS Class of 1964 Classmate News

What I've been up to....

Living in the shade of your youth... na...

August 22th, 2012

I Was contacted by Joetta Wallace today.   Charlie Wallace lost his battle with Cancer this past Saturday, August 18, 2012. A service is planned in Willamette, Oregon on the 29th and burrial will be at the Wellamatte Cemetary.


August 1st, 2012

Somewhere around 20 months from now, we'll be readying ourselves for the Moscow High School Class of '64 50th reunion.

Since the 45th reunion, we've lost classmate friends.

Since the 45th reunion most (if not all) have found ourselves on Social Security and Medicare.

Since the 45th reunion, some of us have retired, relocated and/or some have begun to travel.

Since the 45th reunion, classmates have enjoyed the pleasure of grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

Since the 45th reunion, some of us have experienced great loss.

My hope is that, since the 40th and 45th reunions, we'll all be able to take the time to gather in Moscow in the summer of 2014 to renew friendships and acquaintances... share stories and catch up.


July 1st, 2012

Remember this...

I just wanted to thank those of you that participated in supporting the 1912 Center.

I'm taking an opportunity to remind all that we still can help the Class of 1964 leave a mark (not just desk carvings or graffiti) on the ancient halls of good ol' Moscow High School. Click on the icon below to see how!

Bill Sever

1912 Center - Under Construction

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