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Pat Gayman Bates
Updated May 28, 2019

It's almost 55 years since we graduated from MHS, and we still enjoy getting together for reunions! At our 40th reunion Marilyn and I reunited with Mary and Bonnie, and off to Vegas we went. By 2007, Linda had joined us, and we became the "fun five". We spent the next 12 years going on wild and crazy retreats, from Lincoln City to Seattle to points in- between. A few pictures will show our crazy times and places.  

We hope to see many of you June 28! 

Getting together and having fun!
"Extrordinary Women"
4 gals and a cobra
Pat, Marilyn, Mary and Bonnie
We're going to need a bigger boat
"We're going to need a bigger boat!"
Bonnie, Marilyn, Pat, Mary and Linda
More extrordinary women
"More Extrordinary Women"
Even more extrordinary women
"Even More Extrordinary Women"

Updated: October 13, 2011

CLICK HERE to see a bit of the 2011 version of the "FUN FIVE" visit to Lincoln City!

Hi all,

We've made it 45 years! I am so looking forward to seeing all of you June 5th!

After moving around the country the first 15 years after high school, we finally settled thirty miles away from Moscow! I have lived here in Clarkston for 30 years.

After almost thirty years of teaching,I retired two years ago. I absolutely loved working with children. I was very blessed to have such a wonderful profession! (However, I love retirement!!!) I have two wonderful daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law and two and a half fantastic grandchildren!

After our 40th reunion, a group of us reunited and have experienced some great times. Bonnie (Nelson) Aplington, Mary (Cossairt) Spilva, Linda (Daily Mix, Marilyn (Haley) Shea and I go traveling once a year. We are as crazy now as we were in high school! Life is totally fun!

Linda, Marilyn, Me, Bonnie and Mary in Manzinita
Linda, Marilyn, Me, Bonnie and Mary in Manzinita
Me, Linda, Bonnie,Mary and Marilyn in in a more relaxed mood.
Me, Linda, Bonnie,Mary and Marilyn in in a tinny bit more relaxed mood.

I am anxious to see other crazy and fun-loving people in June.

Remember..."Life is a journey, so roll down the windows and enjoy the breeze!!"

Keep Smilin


Charlene and Nick
Charlene and Nick
Tine, Shad, Keira and Baylor
Tine, Shad, Keira & Baylor
Keira and Baylor, wonderful blessings
Keira and Baylor, wonderful blessings
My two wonderful brothers, Ron and Don
My two wonderful brothers, Ron and Don


     Christine Blewett
     Charlene Larson

The Fantastic Five
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Lunch at The Dockside
Building a NEW memory - August, 20th 2004, Bill & Connie Sever, Marilyn Haley Shea, Sheila Byers and I met at the Dockside in Coeur d'Alene for lunch.

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