Moscow Bear (a.k.a. "Moscow Mountain Fluffy"), Class Picture 1964  

Moscow Bear

"Moscow Mountain Fluffy

Mailing Address:

     9999 Honeypot Road
     Forest Wilderness, ID 83000

Phone: 208 555-0000
Moscow Bear
Spouce: DeYaWana B Grizzley, June 10, 1965

Kids: Buff Bear, March 1, 1973

The past 40 years have been bearable. The hair is a little grayer and quite a bit thinner but I've added a couple of pounds to make up for that. It seems the years and gravity have repositioned my previously well-defined physical features. On the brighter side... I can still chew my own food!

Where I've been... Well.....

I left MHS and went into the world to make my fortune. I graduated in '69 from Viola Tech in Forest Sciences and spent 1970 - 1971 in the polar regions studying pine tree pollination and butterfly migration. Below is a picture of me on station near "the pole".

In late '71, when I got back "state-side", I found a position with Coyote Foods as a cookie taster and am almost ready to retire.

Buff, our little bundle of joy, is now in College. He's working on his Masters in Business and is planning on a career as a Financial Planner.. sure hope he paid attention in his classes! Below is a little family portrait taken back in 1974. Buff was just a cub then.

We enjoy relaxing on our 12' yacht and fishing across the great Northwest. I'd like to say I was the "BIG fisherman" but DeYaWana seems to have a real way with a rod and reel.

Some years back, we were burglarized by an uninvited house guest. Our nanny-cam captured her picture and she was in custody in a matter of hours.

Where I'm going...
Cutbacks on the job have me looking forward to retirement. Too much work for an old Bear... We will be spending more time traveling and spoiling grand-kids!
We're really looking forward to the 40th Reunion!!!

Research at the Pole on pine tree pollination and butterfly migration was a lot of hard work! The Family Portrait - Me, DeYaWana and Buff in 1974 Fishing is a favorite!  We really like yachting in the backwaters of Paradise Creek. Recent House Guest is now a fellon... Goldie L Ox stole our supper.
On Station in
My Winter Outfit
Family Portrate - 1974 DeYaWana, Buff and I enjoy day trips
on our yacht and fishing
House Guest

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