Mick Weinmann Mick Weinmann from the 45th reunion

Mick Weinmann

Mailing Address:

     99 Reid's Corner
     Saint Maries, ID 83861-9441

Phone: 208-245-5421
Mick Weinmann

Spouse: Linda Weinmann


     Marla Lee Weinmann-Kraack

Hi to everyone!   I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.

We still live in St. Maries, Idaho.  We have lived in the St. Maries area going on 33 years.  How time flys!  We built a new home on the St. Joe River about 10 years ago.  We love boating and are on the water as much as time allows.

I am still working as an electrical contractor.

I just started taking flying lessons, about 30 years too late, but I am enjoying the challenge!

Look forward to seeing everyone in July!

Update - February 24, 2005 from Linda
Ahhhh... Lunch!
Here is a picture of Mick - He has finished his radiation and will have the feeding tub in for another month. His throat is very, very sore, he can hardly talk.

Mick completed his radiation treatments on Wednesday February 23rd. His throat is really, really, sore. It is hard for him to talk and, believe it or not, he is not asking alot of questions!

His outlook is positive and is patiently waiting for the healing to happen so he can eat those hamburgers and have a Budlight!

Update - January 30, 2005 from Linda

Mick is going through the radiation therapy now. The treatments have made his mouth and throat so raw and sore that eating's been difficult. He's lost about 20 pounds. In order to get control over that situation they've given him a "feeding tube".

There are 18 more treatments to go and he'll have the feeding tube for a few weeks after that.

With the sore throat Mick has a hard time talking now but he LOVES the Email he's received from classmates. Drop him and Email if you have a few minutes; it raises his spirits.

I'll try to keep you posted on the progress..... Linda

Update - December 31, 2004 from Linda

Mick had noticed a lump on the side of his neck in August. His daughter, Marla, is an R.N. and she motivated him to have the lump checked by a doctor. The motivation was a call every week until finally in October he caved in - went to the Doctor - In November he underwent 2 surgeries within 1 week. They removed the left tonsil and results came back saying it was cancer - the lump was removed and there was one lymph node containing the cancerous cells - all other lymph nodes were reported to be clear.

Out look is positive - but he does have to start radiation in January. He will go for 7 weeks 5 days a week - from St. Maries to Coeur d'Alene every day.

Feel free to call say Hi - His classmates are a positive uplifting for him.


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