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Mary Cossairt

Rest In Peace...
April 26, 2022
Mary Cossairt Spilva
Updated: June 2022

Mary Cossairt SpilvaA message for our classmates:

Our wonderful friend and classmate, Mary Cossairt Spilva, passed away on April 26, 2022. Mary was a  beautiful soul, who lived a wonderful life with her husband Mike, two daughters, Heather and Jodi, two wonderful sons-in law, her four grandchildren and many friends.

As you know, Mary was paramount in helping to organize and present our MHS class reunions.    At our 40th class reunion, Marilyn and Pat were visiting with Bonnie and Mary. When Bonnie and Mary heard Marilyn and Pat were planning a trip to Vegas, they asked to join them. That reunion rekindled the high school friendship of Bonnie, Mary, Marilyn and Pat. We realized, in Las Vegas, that we were just as crazy as  we were in high school, just a" bit" older. A year later Linda joined us in our adventures. Each year, since 2004, the "fun five" could be found (mainly) on the beaches of Oregon and Washington, sometimes in the mountains or the city or small town. It did not matter where we were, the laughter, love and silliness lasted for days! All this joy because we five attended Moscow High School and  attended our reunion! We realized we were the same fun friends at 60 that we were at 16! We will miss Mary very much; she brought much joy to our lives. 

The Fabulous 5 in Action
Fond Memories Remain

Bonnie Nelson  Aplington, Marilyn Haley Shea. Pat Gayman Bates, Linda Daily Mix

Pat wanted us all to see how, as a member of the "Fab 5" (Mary, Pat, Marilyn, Linda and Bonnie) they enjoyed their times together... CLICK HERE.

Updated: May 24, 2019

The last five years have definitely changed my life. I still live in Sweet Home, Oregon. My husband of 45 years, Mike, passed away the day before our 50th class reunion. My special thanks to Pat Gayman, Linda mix, Bonnie Nelson, and Marilyn Shea for their awesome work on the reunion. It was wonderful, they had done so much work and had to pick up my jobs as well.

I have a lovely home with wonderful Neighbors, my daughters are near by. Heather and Danny are in Albany, Oregon. My three adult grandsons are amazing young men. Jodi, Justin and Addie have recently purchased acreage near Seaside Oregon. Needless to say I love to go for visits.

It is still hard to be considered a widow, that kind of sticks in your throat. Not where I had planned to be at this age. It is not easy trying to take care of a house, yard and all that goes with running and keeping up a home.

On the positive side I am so blessed to have what I have. I've learned if I can't do it by myself ask for help. Amazing how simple that sounds but can be awfully hard to do.

I wish you all a Happy 55 th and many more.

Spouse: Mike 

Kids: 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren

Mike and I were fortunate to be able to retire from WSU early and become snow birds. We love our life in Arizona but always look forward to coming home to Moscow to see family and friends.


Update - March 6, 2009
Our move to SweetHome, Oregon was a good one. We love being near our kids and having lots of family time. We still head south to Arizona for the winter months. We have lots of good friends and family there as well.
Daughter Jody & Justin
Daughter Jody & Justin

Mike and I celebrated our 40th anniversary with the long awaited Alaskan Cruise. It was great.

I was lucky to be able to travel a bit the last couple years. I spent some time in Singapore and Ireland thanks to my kids who traveled there for work. They tell me our next adventure will be in Uganda, Africa. Heather and her family hope to go there this summer and work for Show Mercy International.  They will be working to build homes and schools for orphaned children. I look forward to this new adventure.

Mary and the Grandsons in Ireland
Me and the Grandsons
Wesley, Keith and Jeremiah in Ireland
Daughter Heather's Family
Daughter Heather's Family
The Stirns

Update - January 4, 2005
We're spending the cold months in Arizona. You can find us at:
10207 S. Avenida Compadres
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: 928 345-3060


Mary and Mike Spilva.Hello to all and a Happy New Year this 2004!!!!  We are currently spending the winter in sunny Yuma, Az. We just love it here.  We have family and lots of friends so we keep really busy. It is such a different life here; hard to explain, wakeing up to sunshine every morning does have its advantages.  Mike enjoys golf and I love shopping and craft classes.

We are about ready to sell our Moscow home and head for Oregon to be near 2 of our 5 girls and grandsons.  A new adventure to be sure. Speaking of adventures I had gastric by-pass surgery 18 months ago and have lost 142 lbs.  I can't begin to tell you how good this feels after fighting the weight battle all of my life.

I wish you all the best in 2004. We are having fun planning a great reunion for all of you!!!


UPDATE - June 22, 2004

Our Oregon Daughters... Heather and Jodi
Our Oregon Daughters...
Heather and Jodi
Mary and the Grandsons - Keith, Wesley and Jeremiah - what fun
Mary and the Grandsons
Keith, Wesley and Jeremiah

We are patiently (?) waiting for a closing date on our house and packing for our move to Sweethome, Oregon.

Leaving Moscow brings mixed emotions, but we are looking forward to the change and being closer to family.

The pictures are of our Oregon daughters and grandsons.

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