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Martha Weber

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     3601 Stanfield Road SE
     Lacey, WA 98503-3952

Phone: 360 491-9286
Martha Weber Hocutt
Updated: October 26, 2010
Martha likes wine!
Celebraitin my first, brand-new car!
Updated: May 24, 2009
My 60th birthday.........??? Time does fly!
Many things have changed in my life since our last reunion.  As many of you know, I lost my husband of 32 years of marriage, shortly after our last reunion.  To keep busy I decided to do as much traveling as would fit into my schedule.  I have been on four cruises, (Panama canal, Carribean, Alaska, and Australia/New Zealand).  Also two trips to Mexico to resorts and pleasure.

I sub a few days a year in between running around, continue to do all the upkeep on my one acre yard and home.  I have learned many new skills.

I have two granddaughters, Hope and Miriam.  They are in Spokane.

If you are ever in the neightborhood, do give me a shout.  I alway welcome company. 

Martha (Weber) Hocutt


On December 18, 2008 the farm house I was raised in, caught fire and burnt to the ground. My brother, John Weber, was living in the house, but was not home when this occurred. None of the other farm buildings were harmed.

Our Family Picture
This is the family before Grandghildren. (L to R) Nicholas, Husband Jim, Martha, Chad and his wife Bridget.
I have been married to Jimmie Hocutt for 32 years.

While he was in the Air Force, we settled in Lacey, Washington. Jim retired from the Air Force and then worked for Washington State for 21 years.

We still live in our original home where we have raised our two boys, Nicholas and Chad.

I have taught elementary school on and off while they were growing up.  I am currently teaching 4th grade on a half time schedule.  This has been ideal.   My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and rare cancer. We have been battling that for the last three years.

Chad is married to Bridgit (Morris) and has two daughters, Hope - 4, and Miriam 1 year.  They live in Spokane where they both teach music for Jr. High.

Miriam Elizabeth Hocutt - 14 months.
Miriam Elizabeth Hocutt - 14 months.
Hope Marie Hocutt - 4 1/2 years.
Hope Marie Hocutt - 4½ years.
Our two grandchildren having a Tea Party!
Our two grandchildren having a Tea Party!
Two Silly Grandparents
Silly Grandma   Silly Grandpa
My kids are as goofy as their Mom!
My kids are as goofy as their Mom!

Nicholas is single and lives nearby in Tumwater (remember the Falls on Olympia Beer)?  Tumwater is where the falls is...but no longer Olympia Beer brewery... Thought that trivia would put some importance on the location.  He is a welder and works for a company that installs sprinkler systems in buildings.

Since our last reunion, we have taken a cruise to the Caribbean, a weeks visit to Branson, MO, several trips to Jim's families in Alabama, and this year went to Yuma. AZ to see what the old, retired people do. We aren't old, but were just checking it out.

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