Marilyn Haley  

Marilyn Haley

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Phone: 509 328-2907
Marilyn Haley Shae
My daughter Michelle
My daughter Michelle

     Michelle, 31

Greetings to all my classmates.  Thank you, Bill, for this excellent website and to the reunion committee for all your great work.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s web pages.

I have a wonderful life.   I am a systems analyst in the Information Systems department at the City of Spokane, where I have been for 35 years.   Prior to that I worked at the Bank of America’s data center in San Francisco.

I have been a single parent since my only child was two years old.  Michelle, now 31, is a treasure and the delight of my life.  She currently lives in Southern California, and has also lived in Massachusetts and on the Big Island of Hawaii. You might guess I visited Hawaii as often as possible.

Parasailing in Hawaii
Parasailing in Hawaii

I love the outdoors, especially water.  A few favorite activities over the years have been snorkeling in Hawaii and Mexico where the tropical fish are spectacular, parasailing over the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii with dolphins jumping the boat’s wake, whitewater rafting on the Salmon River, and horseback riding in Glacier National Park.  Alas, with age settling in (and roundness of body), it is doubtful I could swing a leg over a horse anymore, but it sure was fun at the time.

Cousin Pat Gayman and I do lots of fun things together.  A couple of times each summer we go to Rocky Point - who remembers Rocky Point? In June, Pat and I are taking our second annual trip to Las Vegas for some kick-back-and-relax time.

I have fond memories of MHS and look forward to seeing everyone this summer.

Pat (Gaymen) and Me in Las Vegas
Pat (Gaymen) and Me in Las Vegas - June 2004
A favorite quotation... “Measure wealth not by the things you have, but by the things you have for which you would not take money.

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