Janet Finley
Janet Finley Sinclair

Janet Finley

Rest In Peace...
August 11, 2021
Janet Finley Sinclair
Updated: August 10, 2022

Rocky & JanetRocky Sinclair contacted me to let us know that our friend and classmate... Janet... had passed away in August of 2021. He also sent along, what I'll call, "A Tribute" to their lives together. It's a heart-warming story of their lives together... I hope you'll take the time to take a look. CLICK HERE TO READ IT

Spouse:  Rocky Sinclair


     Jill Sinclair married to Tim Meier with 2 sons, Damian 6 and Jack 5
     Karen Sinclair married to Jon Hansen with twins, Lorelei and Matthew 2

 Updated: May 08, 2013

Janet & Rocky Sinclair..

In 1997 Rocky and I built a house in the desert north of Phoenix.

I stopped working and spent a few years transforming raw desert into landscaped desert with plenty of habitat for birds and animals, including an occasional coyote, bobcat and snake. Gifts of a digital camera and a software program for genealogy provided me with new hobbies as well.

Rocky retired from an engineering job at Honeywell in May 2007 and we have now become "sunbirds", leaving here in May in our motorhome and returning with the cooler weather in October.

The landscape survives with the addition of a drip system and the hobbies give us reasons to be places and activities to keep us busy. We spent 2 summers traveling to the east coast including some time in Ontario, Canada and the other summers in the northwest. Since Rocky’s mother still lives in Lewiston and needs a little help, this will be another northwest summer.

Janet Finley Sinclair looking happy
We have 2 daughters: Jill and husband Tim have 2 children, Damian, 6 and Jack, 5; and Karen and her husband Jon have children Lorelei and Matthew, both 2. Tim and Jon both work for Intel and are a big help in keeping our computers working. Jon spends most of his holidays figuring out where we went wrong this time. Jill now works from home part time for an architect who was one of her former bosses. Karen teaches music in an elementary school on a 4/5 schedule. They live in Gilbert, Arizona an hour and a half from us.

Karen & Jill
Our daughter Jill and her husband Tim
with Damian & Bryce
Karen and husband Jon with the twins
Karen and Jon's twins Lorelei and Matthew

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