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George Wendt
Updated: February 15, 2019

Last update was Aug 2013 - time is evaporating - Still enjoying my second career at Hoover Dam. It's always nice to be able to tell your boss the only reason that you're there working is because you want to be, and that he better not give you crap, or you'll just go home for good.

Currently finishing the last 3-Pressure Regulating Valves (that prevent water hammer) for a total of 17-units after 12-years of effort. I have a great vendor article link about their portion if it interests you, Here's a link to view some detail using your your browser.

Family stuff is still pretty boring to share - Grandson will be 9-years old in July - his Mom gets to work from home most of the month so he has her around after school - I see that it's great to have a degree as a computer engineer and stay home and work in your pajamas - how is it that can be called work?

We've been doing some traveling - last fall we traveled to Jefferson's mansion and then headed to DC for the Smithsonian - however - that trip ended abruptly due to the funeral for Sen. John McCain and lack of access to parking and streets. Maybe in a year. The year before was Gettysburg - totally worth it if you've never been there - TV and history books can't get it through like being onsite.

Prior year to that, we were in S. Carolina Ft Sumter and did that tour - the south's civil war history  and early American history has been the focus - our next trip is still up in the air -- 55th Reunion for sure - might actually retire again in May of 2020.



     Daughter Megan -- made me a "Grampa"

Updated: April 17, 2009

older Geezer GeorgeSince we last gathered, my life has changed very much. After 25-years at Tacoma Power in the rainy northwest, I retired. Shortly after that I began working at Hoover Dam, which is about 30-minutes SE of Las Vegas.

I live in Boulder City just 8-miles from Hoover. The city was originally built for the workers building the dam and has many of those original homes still standing.

Much of my work involves upgrading the turbine generators, to increase output, because of the historic low water levels we are experiencing, as the result of an extended drought in the SW. I also get to design new modern equipment that will replace/modify the original installed equipment.

Being in the warm weather is also great for an "old geezer". I truely enjoy the dry sunny weather and being close to Vegas helps whenever I want to travel. The LV airport has direct flights to almost every major city. Of course there is also betting on sports. A $5 bet really makes watching your favorite team/sport a lot more fun.

Boating on Lake Mead during the hot months is also a wonderful leisure activity. The water at the surface of the lake is over 82-degrees - making water activities great fun.
A test of our outlet valve at Hoover dam. We upgrade to a larger relief valve.
A test of our outlet valve at Hoover dam. We upgrade to a larger relief valve.

Well now, after I graduated, I went to the U of I for a period until the Marine Corps took my time. Returned and went back to the U of I while working as an auto mechanic while I got my degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Worked my time @ Boeing like most everyone and then moved to Tacoma Public Utilities, where I've been for the last 24 years.  It sure went by fast. But, everyone knows that. Looking forward to seeing you all at the reuion.

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