Gary Tribble Gary Tribble from the 45th reunion

Gary Tribble

Mailing Address:

     2027 East Sixth Street
     Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: 208 882-5180
Gary Tribble

Spouse:  Kathleen (Cassie)


     Elizabeth 24 (Granddaughter Gabriella 4)
     David 16
     Nicole (Nikki) 13

Gary, Cassie, David and Nikki
Me, Cassie, David and Nikki

After high school went to U of I and graduated in 1969 with a degree in civil engineering.  While in college, I spent one summer traveling through Europe (hitchhiking and youth hostelling) and another working in Viet Nam for a construction company.  After college, went to work for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. for 7.5 years, 6 of them in Latin America, building new and expanding existing factories.  Got tired of the big corporation plus I was never good at taking orders, so I quit.  After 6 weeks traveling through the Far East, came back to Moscow in March 1977, where I have been ever since.  Got divorced from my first wife of 18 years and remarried a local Moscow native, Kathleen (Cassie) Bosse and am now pretty darn content :o).

Once back in Moscow, I built its first condominium complex in 1977-78.  In 1981, started in real estate sales and founded Latah Realty in 1982, which I have owned and operated ever since.  As far as retiring, I really enjoy what I am doing i.e. helping people buy and sell real estate.  Some day I will probably want to slow down, but for now I like this high paced industry.

Drinking Bull's Blood Wine in Hungary - 2002
Drinking Bull's Blood Wine in Hungary - 2002

A year ago, we built our dream house, which we love.  We continue to make our yearly 2 week trip out of the country.  Been to Southeast Asia 4 times and to Europe twice over the last 10 years.  Some of you have golf, fishing or other hobbies, mine is travel -- my folks never informed me I was part gypsy.

Check out the pictureMore Wine... Hungary - 2002
Check out the pictureCassie and I at Machu Picchu - 2003..

At home, we have a 16 year old son, David, who is the goalie for the high school hockey team and a 13 year old daughter, who is active in figure skating, dance classes and soccer.  So far, with fingers crossed, they are doing well in school.  In the summer, work permitting, we go boating and 4-wheeling.  We are doing the things that most of you did years ago when your children were growing up.   It's fun, enjoying the things you used to -- like the sheer panic of your children coming of dating age or the great pleasure being able to add your teenage son to your auto insurance policy, but never a quiet moment.

I feel that we live a pretty normal life.

I, like the rest of you, really appreciate what Bill Sever has done to bring us and hopefully keep us in contact. Hopefully this web site will continue well beyond this summer¡¦s reunion.  Again, thanks Bill for the site and to the others who are working on the reunion.

Hope to see you guys and ladies at the reunion!

Your friend and classmate,


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