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Dodie Cook Ruzicki
Updated: June 15, 2014
Jerry and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last summer.
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with Jerry and Dodie

While I won’t be able to attend the 50th reunion, I want to send greetings. It is hard to blieve it has been 50 years since we graduated from high school. I'ts all rather surreal, because I don't feel that old!

This summer Jerry and I will celebrate our 46th anniversary. We have lived in Green Bluff, north of Spokane, for the past 38 years. I continue as the Director of Educational Services for Providence, but my role has expanded to include all of Providence Health Care serving Spokane and Stevens County. While I enjoy my work, I plan to retire in about two years. I also serve on the Board of Trustees for Group Health Cooperative based out of Seattle, and that keeps me busy with frequent trips to the west side. Jerry maintains our place and never runs out of things to do.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune blood clotting disorder after a small stroke (luckily with no disability or after effects). Fortunately, a brilliant Spokane vascular neurologist diagnosed it before a major stroke occurred, and I am now forever on anticoagulant meds. My way of coping has been to learn as much I can about the disease from a scientific perspective. In my case, it is related to a mild asymptomatic case of systemic lupus diagnosed in 2001. (With increasing age, everyone seems to talk more and more about their health issues - some friends of ours call this "Florida talk!")

Here's the family!
Here's the Family!

We still travel internationally, although not as frequently as before. The long haul flights are more and more exhausting the older we get. Last year, we were in the eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic, Latvia and Lithuania (where Jerry has relatives).

Our oldest son, Geoff, teaches at WSU in Pullman. Tim, our youngest, and his wife, Tiffany, live in the Seattle area and both work at Costco headquarters in Issaquah in the IT department. Alas, no grandchildren!

Best wishes to you all as you celebrate this incredible milestone!

Spouse:  Jerry Ruzicki

Geoff--(age 33), just finished masters degree in teaching English as a second language, now figuring out what to do next
Tim--(age 30), engaged and lives in western Washington, works in IT at Costco headquarters

Hi all!

Jerry and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last summer. We are fortunate to have lived in the same place for 27 years (Green Bluff--about 18 miles northeast of Spokane) in a home we built ourselves. Before that we lived in Boise, Iowa and Wisconsin. I have worked at Spokane's Sacred Heart Medical Center since 1980 -- Director of Educational Services since 1989 -- and am looking at seven years until retirement.  In 1983 I got a PhD from WSU after commuting 90 miles one way to Pullman for four years (I wouldn't want to do that again). Jerry just retired from teaching computers at Spokane Falls Community College -- lucky him!

Jerry and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last summer.
Sons Geoff and TIm
Sons Geoff & Tim
Tim and his fiancee Tiffany
Tim and his fiancee Tiffany
We published a travel guide about Scotland In 2000 we published a travel guide about Scotland called In Search of Ancient Scotland: A Guide for the Independent Traveler, and we are working on another entitled A Traveler's Guide to the Last Celtic Kingdom. We've had lots of fun doing the research for both books over the past eight years. (And, neither one of us has Scottish ancestry!)
We hope to see you at the 40th!

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