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Diann Lind

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Phone: 541 870-2557
Diann Lind Janisse
Updated: April 11, 2009

I've been working at Sacred Heart Medical Center now for 11 years. It's still a great job and the people are wonderful to work with.

I had worked in Denver as an apartment manager for several years. Since my aptitude ran toward mechanics, it was easy to learn what was needed: plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, carpet cleaning. I sort of adopted a couple in need and taught them the ropes of managing and maintenence. They have since moved to Minnesota and used the management skills to get a job managing apartments. Now they are on their own and have 10 kids. Ouch.

Several people put on High Teas at work as a fundraise. Three of us put on a High Tea with a garden theme and it really turned out great. I now know why I could never throw away all those sheers; they had a purpose.

We live in a mobile home park for geriatrics. I'm fitting right in. Not long after I moved in, I got the job of editing the Newsletter. It's 8 pages and full of information and lots of jokes. Soon after, I bought a copier and now make extra money copying the Newsletter, phone book and a phone book for a friendship club.

You know the saying, 'The one who dies with the most toys wins'? Well, I come in a very close second. I have all the Nintendo game systems and a PlayStation. Love the WII. Lots of board games. Bicycle now and then, when it's not raining. Then there's the shop with all the fun tools. And the garden, which I'm going to plant in containers this year. Just to see how it works.

I painted the outside of the house, a double wide mobile home in white and bright yellow trim. It's so cute. Then I put in a flowering cherry tree, a willow, and a Japanese maple, all quite small. Then I had new windows and doors and a heatpump put in with the help of the power company - interest free loan. What difference the windows make. The next project will be to paint/wallpaper inside.

My PT Cruiser doesn't get much exercise since I take the bus to work. I go through a lot of books. And it's relaxing, no traffic, no parking costs. 

We go to the coast around Florence and points north quite often. It is so beautiful over there. When the tide comes in there are places along the road that have pull offs so you can get up close and personal to the waves slamming into the rocks spouting 'hundreds' of feet in the air. And the sound is awesome. It's not a place to sun bathe. Too far north and the ocean is very, very cold.

The hospital is suffering in this economy, so my job is at risk. I am prepared to take early retirement and suffer along with the others who have too much to do in their spare time. I'm excited about doing some traveling.

I moved to Colorado in the late 70's and worked as a bartender at various places.  After Dad died, Mom came to Colorado to stay with me but she was getting sicker and wanted to be near her family in Oregon.  We moved to Springfield and bought a really cute little mobile home and fixed it up really homey.  I took care of her for 5 years before she got really sick and passed away in '92.

I had no real job to fall back on then, so, at 50, I went to Lane Community College for a 2-year course in Medical Records and Transcription.  I got the medical transcriptionist job at Sacred Heart Medical Center before I graduated (4.0).  I have been in the same area and working with the same people for 5 1/2 years and really like it.  I've been able to take extra courses in Excel, Access and PowerPoint that have helped me with extra projects.

There are only 2 of us in the transcription office and we always have chocolate for the rest of the team.

I work with an excellent team of social workers, therapists, psychologists and doctors who specialize in neurological "accidents", such as strokes, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and all levels of paralysis.

I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen.  After my friend and I gutted it and discovered just how big the kitchen really is, we started building it one cabinet at a time, sort of plan it as I go.  It's looking really nice, even without the countertop.

I am looking forward to retirement so I can get some things done around the house and travel.


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