Dan Crimmins Dan Crimmins at the 45th reunion

Dan Crimmins

Mailing Address:

     814 S. Nez Perce Street
     Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: 208 882-0488
Dan Crimmins

Spouse:  Carol Crimmins


Goeff is photo editor at the Daily News, is a bagpiper, and a fine woodworker.
Kelly (daughter) is wife of a 1LT, 104th M.I. BN out of Ft. Hood, TX.  She's waiting for his discharge to pursue further schooling in the medical field.

B. Arch degree at UI after a little sidetrip courtesy of Uncle Sam. Stationed in the war zone -- New Jersey -- teaching electronics. I've been putting that degree to good use . . . er . . . at Pullman Engineering Dept. for about 27 years.

I have been a volunteer youth leader at church since 1990, working mostly with junior highs. My choice. Really. No, really.

I play bass guitar in a praise band at church and in a little dixieland group in town. Also play sax in Vandal Booster non-Marching Pep Band. I would mention playing banjo, but it's ungentlemanly to do so. Besides, it may be a criminal act in the state of Idaho.

I love walking in unexpected rainstorms, and a pina colada at sunset. I'm a Scorpio, and . . . ahhh, now I'm embarrassed.

Presently studying physics -- no reason -- I now profess to be the most educated Idahoan on superstring theory without understanding a bit of it. Like to hang out at the H-bar. But take the relativity theory . . . moms, uncles, aunts . . .

I've been the area Mensa coordinator from time to time since 1992, which shows you how dim an MHS bulb can really be!

We're planning a trip to Bora-Bora to study the turbidity of dense shade-loving flora and their effects on the growth rate of arborial Orang-utans. That's a total lie, but I always wanted to show off about world travel. Actually, Carol and I plan on high times in Bovill this summer.

I always get a kick out of meeting or hearing from classmates. They're so . . . dare I say? . . . YOUNG and fresh. Thanks to all who are doing such a super job at putting the reunion together.

Love you guys & gals . . . Dan Crimmins
(and to set the record straight, note in your '64 yearbook . . . I was never called, "Dan'l".


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