Craig Kincaid Mel (Craig) Kincaid

Craig Kincaid

Mailing Address:

     471 Acr #3144
     Show Low, AZ 85901

Phone: 928 245-8319
Craig Kincaid

Spouse:  Diane

Kids: 4 daughters

     Shelley, Trisha, Kim, Theresa

     7 grandchildren

     Lauren, Kaley, Christy, Sabrina, Maverick, Erik, Isabella


IIn 1998 I sold my Pipe and Air Conditioning company and moved to Alpine, Arizona.  Alpine is 8,000 feet in elevation so I ended up in a "Moscow type" area of Arizona.

After 15 years together, I married Diane Donovan in 1999. I finally found someone who could put up with me!

I have always hunted a lot, and started guiding for Elk, Buffalo, Big Horn Sheep and Deer in New Mexico and Arizona.

My main interests are Cougar hunting with my hounds and golfing.

Every year Mike Brady has come to Arizona in February where we hunt for a few days and then Golf for a few days.  We always look forward to that!  He always said he was going to take me to Africa on a hunt and this year he is!!  We are going right before the Class Reunion to Namibia.  Is that a friend or what???

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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