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Cheryl Nelson

Rest In Peace...
May 12, 2018

Cheryl Nelson Skogen
Updated: May 13, 2018

We have never met; I am the husband of Cheryl Skogen. 

With deep regret I must inform you Cheryl has passed today.  For the past several months Cheryl has been fighting for her life and today she lost.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could make notifications to her Moscow classmates and friends.

Gary Skogen

Obituary from - May 25, 2018   

Cheryl Nelson SkogenIt is with extreme sadness in our hearts that we announce the passing of Cheryl (Nelson) Skogen; beloved mother, wife, grandmother, sister and daughter.

Cheryl was born on July 22, 1946, in Springfield, Ill. At the age of 9, she moved with her family to Moscow where she grew to adulthood. Cheryl married, had two children and, as life goes, re-established life in Van Nuys, Calif., with her children in 1976.

Those who knew Cheryl would see California as a perfect fit; she was a stargazer. She loved Hollywood, the lights, the glitter and, of course, the celebrities. None of that changed right up to the day of her passing. Cheryl's passions included going to the movies, reading all of the celebrity tabloids, clipping articles from the daily papers and going to live performances, especially '50s and '60s golden oldies rock concerts. Cheryl's passion also included Elvis, especially Elvis. Even after his passing, her love for Elvis continued. Every five years, on the anniversary of his death, she, along with tens of thousands of fans, made a pilgrimage to Memphis. Cheryl wanted to share that passion, so every trek to Graceland included a daughter, granddaughter or friend. Cheryl's last trip in celebration of the "King" was the summer of 2017.

Cheryl looked forward to her trips to Tennessee for another reason - it put her closer to the place she was born. Every five years Cheryl would include in her pilgrimage a trip to Springfield, Ill. There, she would visit the home of her young childhood and pay respects at the gravesites of her great-grandparents Frank and Octavie Lomprez and grandparents Harry and Fern Lyons.

Cheryl's greatest love was for her family. Cheryl was a fighter, especially for her family; she would do anything for family. Those who knew and loved her also knew Cheryl made a definite distinction between family and blood. No matter where you stood in the family, you did not mess with blood.

And then there was love. Cheryl met her husband, Gary, and they were married in Las Vegas on Oct. 15, 1988. Residency was established in Littlerock, Calif. On that small parcel of land, Cheryl put into play another love, a love for animals. Over the years, there were horses, dogs (more than you can count), likewise with cats and don't forget the hummingbirds and their feeders. Any animal that entered the property came under Cheryl's cone of protection.

Last but not least, Cheryl looked forward to the Moscow High School Class of 1964 reunions. Cheryl enjoyed reuniting with old friends, reminiscing and catching up since their last encounter.

Cheryl is survived by her loving husband, Gary Skogen; daughters, Shelly Avakian (Joe) and Stacy Weber; brother, Ron Nelson (Tracey); father, Max Nelson; mother-in-law, Mary Skogen; step-children, Scott Skogen (Meaghan) and Deanne Krissel; grandchildren, Caitlyn, Ashley, Baylee, Braydon and James; and nieces and nephews, Ryan, Lauren, Kayla and Conner. Cheryl is preceded in death by her mother, Marceline Nelson, and father-in-law, Clifford Skogen.

We will truly miss her smile, sense of humor and vivacious spirit. Cheryl - mom, sis, mema - we are certain you have established yourself as our "Guardian Angel."

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