Cheryl Clark Cheryl Clark Ennis at the 45th reunion

Cheryl Clark

Rest In Peace...
August 7, 2016
Cheryl Clark Ennis

Cheryl Clark Ennis passesSadly, on August 7, 2016, another classmate has passed. Cheryl Clark Ennis' son Phillip posted this message on FaceBook.

"It is with a heavy heart that I write and post this. My mother passed peacefully in her sleep. On her last day she decided to have pie and ice cream for breakfast, then sat down to watch QVC which she loved. Shortly she dozed off to sleep, and then slipped out of our world.

She was a complete inspiration to me as far as art, culture and music, but even more so as a cancer fighter. For about 2 years she drove herself from Moscow to Spokane and back every week to get her treatments. She fought right to the end and always had a positive attitude. Thanks for all of your support during that time. It really meant a lot to her and a lot to me.

Fortunately the last thing I said to her was I love her. Glad I said "I love you". Be sure to tell your loved ones often how you care for them. Love you friends."


Cheryl Clark EnnisKids:

Philip who lives in Phoenix and has 2 children.

Zach and Allison David who was living in Phoenix then devided he liked Moscow better so he moved back. Not married as of yet.

A dog named Martin Riggs. Also a kitty named Kitty

I have been living in Everett, WA for many years, working for a manufacturing company.

I liked spending time along the beaches in the area.

Returned to Moscow in 1999.

I am now working at WSU.  I enjoy my grandchildren. Wish they lived closer.

I also want to thank Bill Sever for doing such a great job for the reunion.  He has contacted so many people and made the wonderful web pages.


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