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Brigitte Nitz

Rest In Peace...
July of 2006
Brigitte Nitz Wenig

Updated - July 11, 2006

Below is the text of a message received today from Brigitte's Friend Martina Mandau in Germany.

In Memory of the loss of a classmate and friend.  Lost to CancerI`ve got some very sad information for you: Brigitte has died. The funeral is on Friday, the 14th of July here in Poggenhagen.

We all are very sad and Udo is in really bad condition. That´s the reason why you get this email from me. My husband and Udo are cousins and we were very near friends to Brigitte.

I´m sorry to tell you this by email. But Udo needs a quiet period to get healthy.

Spouse:  Udo Mandau

After my high school year with you I went back to finish grammar school. I studied English and P.E. at the University of Heidelberg and for the next 30 years taught those subjects at a grammar school at Heidelberg.

My first husband was a judge for administrative law and our life was busy. We had a dog named Rufus but no kids. Our marriage ended after 27 years but we are still good friends. I retired from school and moved to northern Germany, near Hannover. You might have heard from it because of the world Exposition in the year 2000. There is also the Cebit - the biggest computer fair of the world - even Bill Gates comes to visit!

Brigitte and Udo
Brigitte and Udo

Udo, my second husband, is a horticultural engineer with the University of Hannover and we were lucky to spend his sabbatical touring Australia for 6 month. We both enjoy travelling very much. We even did the Transsiberian Railway clear from Moscow (Russia!) to Bejing. On our return from Australia in June 2000, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go through chemotherapy, which didn`t keep us from travelling to South Africa and getting lots of visitors for the Expo. I`m still under close surveillance but fine, so far.

Udo and I have come to a different view concerning our life together, as we are thankful for every day we can enjoy together. So our reunion will be another highlight this summer and I`m looking forward to meeting you all again.

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