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Boyce Mitchell

Mailing Address:

     2094 Lexington Ave. 
     Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: 208 882-6087
Boyce Mitchell
Updated: May 22, 2014

Kids Update: Sarah, who has produced one grandson: Aiden (age 7) for us.

I retired from the University of Idaho after 35 years of service, at the age of 64.  Wendy still has a few years to go before she reaches retirement age so I have taken over the job of head chef at our house and keep busy doing house and yard maintenance and making little fishing excursions (a high priority with me)  All in all my health is reasonable (for an old fart) and I am enjoying retirement immensely!  I hope all the rest of you are too and hope to see you all in June.

Spouse: Wendy Ulrich Mitchell


     One daughter, Sarah N. Mitchell,currently studying at LCSC in the feild of Nursing.

Updated: June 7, 2009
Wendy, Boyce and Sarah

From the "olden days"... In the middle is Martha Weber's dad.

Updated: February 18, 2009

Sarah and our only grandchild: Aiden, who is going to turn two in March.  Sarah will be graduating from Nursing school (Coeur d'Alene) in May.

I haven't retired yet; I'm still working for the University of Idaho, and still supervising a Building Services daily maintenance crew (35 years now) Anyone sending hard copy mail to me should note that we have a new address (listed above) that we bought and moved into just before Christmas in 2008.  I was born in Moscow, did my life's work in Moscow and suspect I will most likely end my life here as well!  Guess I'm just a "Moscowite" through and through!

Hi all,

Wendy, Boyce and Sarah
Wendy, Boyce and Sarah

I am still living in Moscow and still working for the U. of I. Facilities Maintenance and Operations Dept. (30 years now)  I have moved up to a Foreman position and if the government doesn't keep kicking us poor "Baby Boomers" where it really hurts (by continuing to raise our full benefit retirement age)  I hope to live long enough to retire from the University - one of these years, in the not tooooo distant future.

As I write this,it is January and I just lost my Mother and have been spending the majority of the week taking care of final arrangements for her.  Next week, I'm going to take a week off to recuperate and go "Holey Fishing" which is my favorite thing to do in the winter months.  For those who don't understand, "Holey Fishing" is when you can walk on water and fish through a hole in the ice!  Some think I'm crazy to do this but I think it's great sport.

Okay, enough of that; I quit. Hope to see most of you in July.


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