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Bonnie Nelson Aplington
Updated: July 11, 2024

Spouse: Darrel

Kids: 2 sons 1 daughter in law and 1 grandaughter

I'm so looking forward to seeing classmates and if I am honest - it will be nice for me to take a break from being a full time caregiver for my husband Darrel who has dementia. This is a full time job and a very hard job seeing someone who you love decline and it will never get better.

I'm very lucky that my health is good - of course I have aches and pains like anyone else but I can still take care of the house and yard and drive which is a blessing. I'm a grandma to only one 11 year old girl; Brianna who lives close by. Our 2 sons are caring for their Dad which allows me to attend this reunion. 

Spouse:  Darrel Aplington



Updated March 22, 2009

Not much new to report for the last 5 years but I'm looking forward to seeing all you in June for the 45th Reunion.

I'm still retired and loving every minute of it. Darrel and I will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary in Sept. We belong to the Rose City Model T Club and have lots of fun going on tours with our 1923 T-Bucket.

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The 23 T
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Gassing Up

Reconnecting with my wonderful high school buddies Marilyn (Haley) Shea, Mary (Cossairt) Spilva, Linda (Dailey) Mix and Pat (Gayman) Bateshas been fantastic. We get together once each year and there is so much laughter, fun and good memories, I feel it helps keep us young at heart.

I feel blessed to ahve good health and, even though I'm collecting Social Security, I feel young inside.

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Sisters, OR- 2008
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H.S. Friendships

Bonnie & Darrel Aplington
Bonnie and Darrel


I retired in 2003 after working 31 years at David Douglas school district.  My husband Darrel retired in 1992 so he's happy that I'm now free so we can do some traveling.

I have two sons in there thirties who have never been married and a step son who has two children.

My father passed away in 1971 and my Mother died of alzheimers in 2000.

I've been blessed with good health and marriage, we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in September.

I don't know any "cheers " BUT ----


Moscow high school was the best
No other place is like it in the West
I had fun and got book learning too
Those twelve years went before I could say boo

I remember the Winters
wearing scratchy old skirts
It ruffed up my legs
till boy did they hurt

After the games
I danced till my feet were sore
But by the next week-end
I was ready for more

The twelve years I spent in school in Moscow were great.   I have wonderful memories of my childhood.

Hope to see you all in July.

More memories.. added July 25th, 2004

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